Techno CNC Interface 1.0

Techno CNC Interface is a easy to use comprehensive CNC program
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Techno CNC Interface is a easy to use comprehensive CNC program.
Techno's CNC Windows-based G-Code Interface is included with each CNC Router System and is an indispensable tool in any CNC Router application. It's open architectural design accepts G-Code files from an industry standard CAD/CAM software package and can operate using inch or metric units and is configurable for multiple languages.
-Toolpath preview with viewing tools & adjustable screen
- Built-in editor for shop floor modifications
- Machine feed rate & spindle override control
- Continuous and step jogging functionality to fine tune
positional locations
- Mechanical homing location controls
(at any corner of the machine)
- No DNC link required
- Ability to plot and compare toolpath position relative to
actual motion to verify positional feedback
- Allows for up to 10 fixture offsets
- X/Y axes orientation swapping
- I/O machine diagnostics
- Skip function to return to program positions
(in case of tool bit failure)
- Built-in basic nesting features
- Interface password protection to safeguard
system functions
- Production logging & reporting

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